Art, Nature & Soul Play!

Welcome to Eco Soul Art.

We are artists, teachers, wanderers, and dreamers.
Forest dwellers and river walkers.
We are women of the forest… daughters of the sea.

Always grateful, always seeing, always growing.

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We have moved from the sea to the mountains!

we will be setting up a mailing list for you to stay informed about our events.

Please check back often for anouncements.
(facebook page coming soon, maybe)

“You know that crazy heart of yours?
The one with lightening crackling and
moonlight shining through it.


The one you’ve been told not to
trust because it often
led you off the beaten path.
The one so many have misunderstood
your entire life.


Trust it. Feed it. Grow it.
It is your greatest treasure
and will point
the way to your highest destiny.

It is the voice of your Soul.


-Jacob Nordby

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