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Lois Reed Art

Lois Reed, artist

I believe that it is not possible to be a human and not be an artist.

I am of the Julia Cameron school of thought that says we are all artists, even if our art is not of the “fine paint” kind.

I am a mixed media artist who collaborates with nature in most, if not all, of my works. My art tends toward “organic” rather than “fine”. Many have described me as a “Spirit Artist”, saying that I render the Spirit of the subject, rather than a replica of the subject.

My expression comes mostly on canvas, in wood, in stone and in words. I love color, and cannot live without the passion that it brings.

Whatever the medium, the Muse comes to release and communicate to the world. I like to feel my materials tell me their essential nature. I look at the blank canvas with an idea and then my tools take me where they want me to go, which is very rarely where I had planned.

Art takes what is hidden in the Soul and carries it as a gift to others.
Our art is how we embody our Souls in this world.
Do it for the joy it generates!
Render the invisible visible.

eco soul art
owl woman
Lois Reed Art
eco soul art
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