Eco Soul Art

Lois Reed artist

Welcome to Eco Soul Art

I am a lover of nature and art. As a result,  it is natural for me to want to share this love with the world.

My art is my emotional expression. The natural world is where I go when I need to feel good, or when I feel bad, or when I lose my feeling altogether.

I am an artist to my core, as I believe we all are.

One person’s art may be painting or music, while another person’s art may be cooking, cars, or gardening .

 It is all art, all expression.

Officially, I studied art at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. But, art is also in my DNA, going back generations of Grandmothers. Therefore, I began my real art studies my mother’s knee. Growing up I learned as we sketched & painted everywhere we journeyed. Some of my fondest memories are of us picnicking and drawing the plants growing by the streams.

… she taught me to see the purples in a winter field.

Please visit often, as this site is still birthing and changing all of the time. New pieces and classes and musings are being added weekly.

Feel free to join my mailing list (below) as well, to keep updated on classes and shows. I promise not to bombard you with mailings. Actually, I can assure you that I will not bombard you with mailings as I am famous for being behind in my email. BUT, I will be sending out mailings for shows, tours and classes that will be happening in the future, when that future gets back to something more “normal”.

I look forward to sharing my vision of the world with you! …Oh, and jewelry is coming too 🙂 !


New Smyrna Beach, FL


(386) 690-1747