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Art, Nature & Soul Play!

Eco Soul Art is a unique adventure that combines the beauty of the natural world with the creative expression of art. We provide a range of classes designed to engage participants with their artistic abilities while immersing them in the calming and inspiring presence of nature. Eco Soul Art also offers classes to help us find our calm mind through nature immersion. In these classes we may not do any art other than the art of re-connection with the living earth that we are all a part of.

Our offerings include nature art, soul art, nature immersion, nature art journaling & “eco-crafting”, where materials sourced directly from the environment are used to create beautiful, sustainable works of art. Each class is guided by experienced instructors who not only teach technique but also encourage participants to observe and connect with their surroundings deeply. This connection often leads to a sense of peace, a profound connection to the natural world and a renewed commitment to its preservation. Our classes are suitable for all ages and skill levels, from beginners who have never held a paintbrush to seasoned artists looking to explore new mediums and the environment.

Beyond art instruction, Eco Soul Art is a community where individuals can find peace and inspiration away from the noise and stresses of daily life.

The curriculum often includes hands-on projects that encourage students to engage directly with their environment, enhancing your creativity, mindfulness, environmental awareness, and wellbeing, making Eco Soul Art not just an art class, but a healing experience. Whether you’re looking to hone your artistic skills, reconnect with nature, or simply enjoy a unique and fulfilling experience, Eco Soul Art welcomes you to join our community.

We are artists, teachers, wanderers, and dreamers.
We are forest dwellers, river walkers, rock lovers, & wave riders.
We are daughters & sons of the forest, the stars & the sea.

With Mother Earth we are always grateful, always seeing, always growing.

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