“You have left a trail of breadcrumb clues which will lead you to the place where your purpose and passion have already met and are simply waiting for you to find them.”

-Jacob Norby
Blessed are the Weird

Lois Reed Art

Lois Reed

I am an artist to my core, as I believe we all are.

One person’s art may be painting or music, while another person’s may be cooking, cars, or gardening … it is all art, all expression.

Officially, I studied art at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. But, where I really learned art was at my mother’s knee. Growing up I watched her as she sketched & painted. Some of my fondest memories are us picnicking and drawing the plants by the brook … she taught me to see the purples in a winter field.

For many years I owned a bookstore/gallery/live music venue in northwest New Jersey called “Inner Vision”.  It was there that I was able to share the importance of self expression, as well as musical and visual delight through the artists and musicians that I sponsored for the community.

During and after “Inner Vision” I had a business called “Boudicca Baby” where I made and sold my hand-crafted jewelry, sculptures and wood works (which I learned at my Father’s knee). I moved to the Catskill Mountains after closing the Inner Vision store and sold to shops and galleries in the New Paltz / Woodstock area, as well as Globally.

For the past 10 years I lead online and in person art workshops, and lead eco-tours. I am a Certified Florida Naturalist, hired to take people into the backwaters on kayaks and teach them all about the local flora and fauna.

Presently I am redeveloping my classes, as I have moved back to the mountains. I have led wilderness survival classes in the very mountains outside my window. I am settling in, and will be presenting classes in the next few months.

I will send out an email blast when the ideas have become classes –  experiences for your Soul!


Lois Reed Eco Tours

Leading an Eco Tour in the Indian River Lagoon


Appalachian Mountains


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