Free art class; Woman and Owl

Free art class; Woman and Owl

Supply List

Stabilo All-STABILO Graphite Color Pencil – Black

Liquitex 5116 Matte Medium Bottle, 16 oz, Multicolor, 16 Fl Oz

• Acrylic paints, any brand + color – here is a link to a starter kit:
Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint Technique Set – Wet on Wet

• Old Books, papers, scraps, sheet music

• If you need images try

• A hard tool such as a credit card or pallet knife to move paint and medium around – CONDA Palette Knife Painting Stainless Steel Spatula Palette Knife Oil Paint Metal Knives Wood Handle (Red 5 Piece)

Sketch – Art Sketch Book / Black Notebook: (8×11) Blank Paper Sketchbook, 100 Pages, Durable Matte Cover

• a couple of different brushes from very thin to wide & flat – Princeton Select Artiste, Mixed-Media Brushes for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor Series 3750, 6 Piece Value Set 120

• Stamps , stencils and other mark making tools

• Water spray bottle, rags, paper towels & scissors

• leave the judgement at the door

My sincere apologies for the length of this video. 

This was more a learning of Adobe Premier Pro for me.

My next class will be cut into sections of short videos that you can watch , do, & return to.

Free art class; Woman and Owl

new class coming

Full Class Coming – FREE!!

Here is a small taste of the class, we will start from the blank page and end with a finished piece.

I am weeding my way through learning Adobe Premier Pro Video editing, so I thought what better way than to create a class to share with all of you. 

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sea lion woman

sea lion woman

Sea Lion Woman embodies the element of Water. She is the Water Guardian.

Water is one of the most universal signs throughout the world. Although it varies from culture to culture, water is usually connected to emotions, feelings, intuition, psychic perceptions, and the subconscious mind. Water can also represent fertility, as the Spring rains bring life to the land. Water can also represent new creative potential.
And, let us not forget, water is life.

Mixed Media, with found shells, bamboo, beads, old scarves and crystals. Painted with watercolor, oil pastels and acrylics.

Made with a lot of love. 12×12 canvas. Sold as original only.

See details when clicking on images below:

(color more true in image above – iphone!)

sea lion woman detail
sea lion woman
sea lion woman detail
forest breathing

forest breathing

forest breathingWhen was the last time that you thought about breathing?

It just kind of “happens” automatically.

While your brain does regulate the rate of your breaths, that doesn’t mean you are breathing correctly. You could be breathing through your mouth and not through your nose.

Does it matter? It turns out that, yes, it does.

Why nasal breathing?

Research has found that breathing through your mouth means that you miss out on much of the oxygen – up to 90 percent – your body needs to support your organs, tissues, and cells. Without this oxygen, you face the risk of damage to your body and tissue and cell death. Over long periods, living with reduced oxygen levels can leave you at risk of developing a severe illness or even a chronic health condition, such as heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes.

Many reports I have read on my quest for stress reduction agree, when you breathe through your nose, you get more oxygen compared to what you take in when you breathe through your mouth.

Other benefits of nasal breathing include:

The air you take in is filtered by tiny hairs (cilia) in your nose to remove germs and environmental debris. The cilia also warm the air that you have taken in before it travels to your lungs.

Breathing through your nose allows you to take deeper breaths – which engages the lower lungs. When the lower lungs become active, they pump out more oxygen to the rest of your body. More oxygen means more support your cells and maintains healthy tissue and organ function.

Deeper breaths mean that oxygen is in your lungs longer, and your body can covert more oxygen to carbon dioxide waste. Reduction of carbon dioxide levels in the body helps to maintain your blood pH levels. When there is less carbon dioxide in the blood also means that your cells experience less stress and free radicals are reduced.

Another discovered benefit of nasal breathing is that when the lower lungs are engaged a calming effect happens. This is because the lower lungs contain the parasympathetic (calming) nerve receptors of the body. When these nerves are activated, they tell the brain to send calming hormones to battle stress.


When you breathe through your mouth, the body activates its sympathetic (stress) nerves. When these nerves turn on, they tell the brain to send the stress hormone cortisol and turn on the immune system and increase to prepare for an “attack”. If you regularly breathe your mouth, your body believes it is under attack all of the time, leaving you with chronic, damaging inflammation.

Breathing through your nose can be especially beneficial during your forest walks to help ower your stress levels and help you to tune in closer to your surroundings – the sights and the sounds and the “feels” …

Enjoy the trail! And, don’t forget to breathe.


Tours are Back in Action

Tours are Back in Action

New Smyrna Beach Eco Tours

Ready To get Back on the Water?!

We Are!

Nichols’ Surf Shop is increasing its’ protocol to ensure the safety of its’ patrons and staff.

The wearing of mask and gloves, limiting the contact with the check-in process, keeping the distance of 6-10 feet apart are all measures that we plan to implement in an effort to get back out on the water and into some fun.

The staff will handle all products and equipment until they notify the customer that it is safe.

All equipment will be sanitized & cleaned  with detergents.

All of these procedures are to keep everybody safe! If you are not comfortable with these steps, we understand and trust you will find plenty to do in our rockin’ town.

See you on the water