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Welcome to Moon Woman

Hello creative souls!

I am so excited to launch my online classes with you! After many years of procrastination and not feeling “good enough”, I have decided it’s time to take the plunge.

For this class, I really wanted to do something different. When I paint on my own in my studio, I very seldom let myself go. I often start to work in my art journal to find inspiration, but then get tight in my wanting perfection.

In the process that we will use here, we can explore and create totally free from any requirements to achieve a result. We can just feel, find and explore colors and images. I can work intuitively. Or, at least that is the goal!

My process here is very unstructured, tactile and messy! 

This class is all about the beauty of creating and letting go!

We will learn how to listen to our hearts and watch our work expand and grow and change! 

My goal with this class is to share my love of mixed media and my discovery of intuitive creating with you. I hope I can encourage you to just enjoy the process and not be attached to the outcome. 

You will see how many times my image and ideas for my image change over the course of these videos.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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