Moon Woman

Lois Reed Art


• An vintage book or sketch book
• An assortment of scraps of papers from personal collections, old magazines, scrapbook paper etc. for collage
• Acrylic matte medium (I used Liquitex Matte Medium)
• Acrylic Paints
Liquitex Black Gesso (Black acrylic paint will do fine!)
Stabilo-All Pencils, Black (Black)
SAKURA – Gelly Basic White Pen- Set 3
• A couple of different size brushes, from very thin to wide and flat
• A palette knife or a hard tool such as an old credit card to move paint around
• Stamps, stencils, skewers and other mark making tools
• String and Needle
• Spray bottle, rags, make-up sponge and plastic lids to use as palettes

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Moon Woman

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Moon Woman part 1

Moon Woman part 2

Moon Woman part 3

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