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“A seer is a dreamer who has mastered the dream, who has learned to see.
Artist, dreamer, messenger, seer – there are so many ways to name you.
I prefer to call you artist, because your whole creation is a masterpiece of art

-Don Jose Ruiz  ( The 5th Agreement )

Lois Reed Art

What emotion is inside of you today?  What does that look like? Does it have a shape, a color, a name?

What color is your connection to Spirit/God/Goddess/Your Higher Self?

What color is your sorrow, your joy, your despair, your elation, your peace?


Lois Reed Art _ Live Oak

When you see a tree, what do you see? I know you see the brances and leaves, beyond that what do you see? Do you see the music? Do you see the words of the decades past?

Can you feel her? him? Paint what comes to you. Mix in whatever feels right.

The painting on the left is my version of a live oak tree, along with collage and treasures found in the woods and at the seashore.

eco soul art

Some days you may just want to get emotion down.
No plan, no pretty, just raw emotion.

We will have a class  in this too, beginning with some yoga and movement to get you loose. The painting below is an example of one that I scrambled to my art journal to get down, because words couldn’t capture my anguish at seeing the forests around me being clearcut for new homes. Not a tree left standing and bears and bobcats running in the roads, not to mention what became of the turtles and the bird nests.

It was too much for the word or the picture so I could only paint what felt like man vs. nature.

man vs nature

man vs nature

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Lois Reed Art


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