Living in Community

Living in Community

Gather others into your Community

The times we live in call us to strengthen our local communities. In Indiginous cultures the strength of the community is dependent on each member contributing his/her natural gifts to the health of the community at large.

It is time to trust our gifts, knowledge and wisdom, and to share our strengths and gifts with others. This is how we heal.

Coming together in community and light also effects our Mother Earth. Together we can do this. We can save our planet while shining our collective lights.

We ARE nature. We ARE energy. We ARE life.

“… May we learn to walk
upon the Earth
with … confidence
and clear-eyed stillness
so that our minds

might be baptized
In the name of the wind
And the light and the rain.”


– John O’Donohue
(excerpt from: To Learn From Animal Being)

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